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Co-Parenting Services


I help co-parents resolve their conflicts around parenting in the most amicable, respectful way which helps them to have a healthier relationship after separation that is child focused.

Parent Facilitation is a problem solving service offered to co-parents that are either about to go through divorce/separation, are going through divorce/separation or have already divorced/separated.  The goal Parent Facilitation is to offer professional assistance to co-parents who need help learning to work together in order to keep their children from being exposed to parental conflict. For attorneys and courts, the goal of the Parent Facilitator is to help their clients avoid chronic litigation, comply with court orders, reduce misunderstandings, resolve disputes and learn new ways to communicate.

With the court’s approval, and/or upon written consent of the parents, a Parent Facilitator works with high-conflict parents to assist in creating or modifying their Parenting Plan. This process is done by teaching parents to identify disputed issues, reduce misunderstandings, clarify priorities, develop methods of collaboration, and comply with court orders regarding parenting time with their child(ren). When a Parent  Facilitator can reduce the need for parents to return to court, the harmful exposure to conflict for their children is also reduced.

It is important to note that the Parent Facilitator is a NEUTRAL third party. Their foremost goal is to reduce conflict. Parent Facilitation involves skills that are therapeutic but it is not therapy. Since Parent Facilitators are trained mental health professionals, they can understand the underlying emotional and personality issues that contribute to conflict and can use their training to help deal with these issues.  Parent Facilitators are also required to complete 40 hours of mediation training therefore they are able to utilize the skills of mediation in working with Co-Parents.  However, Parent Facilitation is not a one-time mediation dispute resolution service.

Appointment of the Parent Facilitator is usually court ordered, however other sources of referrals are attorneys, therapists, clergy or self-referral. Ordinarily, a Parent Facilitator is appointed for a predetermined amount of time such as a  twelve sessions, eighteen sessions or one to two-year terms, however, those parents that are self referral can choose to terminate the process when they have reached a place of appropriate co-parenting.   Parents can also participate in Parent Facilitation indefinitely (until their youngest child turns eighteen years of age) and utilize the services as new problems arise.

Parent Facilitation is NOT a confidential process, therefore the Parent Facilitator CAN be called to testify in court.  There is a co-parenting service called Parent Coordination that IS a confidential process and the Parent Coordinator CANNOT be called to testify, however those parents are chosen selectively by Brenda Lee Roberts M. Ed., LPC and must meet certain criteria in order to participate in Parent Coordination.