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Collaborative Consulting

The law touches us during some of our most personal moments as we make some of life’s most difficult decisions about our family structure. However, going through a legal process such as divorce doesn’t automatically mean having to endure the turmoil that is often associated with it. You now have another choice. Collaborative Law is an option for couples ending their relationships to resolve disputes respectfully and without going to court.


My interest in the Collaborative Law process is passion-based. I am passionate about being able to help couples and parents divorce in a way that allows them to have respect for themselves, each other, feel a sense of pride in taking the high road and to know that they have done all they could to make sure their children were guarded, protected and honored in the divorce process.


The Collaborative process is unique because it

  • allows you to interact with your spouse respectfully
  • emphasizes the needs of your children
  • avoids court interference
  • allows you to remain in control
  • utilizes a problem solving approach
  • allows you to communicate openly with your spouse
  • identifies and addresses interests and concerns of you, your spouse and children and to create a solution that focuses on your family’s special needs
  • allows you to move on with your life in a positive way
  • is 100% confidential
  • creates an atmosphere of honest exchange of information by both spouses
  • is an investment in your children’s futures
  • is mutually beneficial
  • focuses on the future
  • allows you to move on with your life in a positive way


How does Collaborative Law work?

The goal of Collaborative Law is to come to a mutually acceptable, negotiated settlement between the parties without the threat of going to court. In this practice, each of the parties retains their own collaborative attorney who will gather information, provide education on rights, responsibilities and options and negotiate on their behalf.

Many attorneys also request and or require that you retain the services of a neutral Mental Health Professional and neutral Financial Professional to assist in the process. A neutral Mental Health Professional is there to help when the expected and understandable emotions surface and also when those unexpected emotions surface. Their presence is effective in moving the process toward closure as safely and effectively as possible. A neutral Financial Professional is there to help with the financial aspects of the divorce.

At the center of Collaborative Law are the needs of the entire family, especially the children’s. With Collaborative Law, conflict is kept to a minimum so all family members can move on positively with their lives.

Top Ten Reasons for Choosing a Collaborative Divorce

Client Comments

“Collaborative Law is different. It was not always about me. I had to be reminded that it was about what was important to me and the kids. Whereas the traditional model seems to breed animosity and the nature promotes mine versus yours. I feel so blessed that I knew about Collaborative Law and someone was looking after me. I take pride to say, I did it right.”

“In the Collaborative process, the lawyers would help us focus on our most important goals anytime we would lose sight of original goals.”

“Collaborative Law is an approach that puts kids first. All the decisions were made by us, not the lawyers or a judge. With our lawyers guidance, we made all the decisions about our lives and our children.”

“The Collaborative process was respectful and focused on problem solving and the best interest of the children. It was not about fighting.”

To find out more about a Collaborative Divorce, feel free to contact me or visit the following websites:

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