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Full Circle

I remember the day that I heard about Collaborative Law. I was so excited to hear that it existed and I couldn’t wait to get involved with it. My first of two trainings was held in Lubbock Texas; the city where I was born. I had never been there as an adult and only knew that, as an infant, I had lived there for three months. When I told my mom about my new career endeavor, Collaborative Law (read the history of my parents in the blog named “My Story”), she actually said, “I wonder how things would have been if that had been around when your dad and I got divorced.” This statement in and of itself was a miracle. Something positive, however obscure, caused me to take a deep breath and also join her in the fantasy of how things might have been. Later, while in Lubbock for the training, I called my mom. She asked where I was staying. After telling her she stated, “We used to live just around the corner from there. Your dad and I used to fish at a pond not too far from there.” WHAT? Another positive comment. For the first time in my life, within days of each other my mom had spoken neutral words and positive memories about her relationship with my father. This, if you’ve read my prior post “My Story”, truly was a miracle; a brief and fleeting moment of insight and of a happier moment in time for my mom. Confirmation about my career in Collaborative Law came in the oddest of places….where my life began.

Collaborative Law has the potential to create new beginnings out of relationships that are ending. It asks us end in a way that does not destroy or savagely rip and tear but to be better human beings. To set aside our anger and hurt long enough to get through one of the most difficult times in our lives. It asks us who we are at our core.

Brenda Lee Roberts M. Ed., LPC

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