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Collaborative Law
Children in the Middle
Up To Parents
Effects of Divorce on Children
10 Avoidable Mistakes
The Wrong Way to Be a Parent During a Divorce
CBS- Divorce Can Make You Sick


Collaborative Law
Separating Couples; I Won’t See You in Court!
Happy Endings The Stuff of Fairytales?
Divorce Civil Style

A Fight You Can’t Win; Ending a marriage doesn’t have to tear a family apart
Amicable Split: ‘Collaborative divorce’ offers fewer fights, costs
Collaborative Law-Taking Texas by Storm
Collaborative Law FAQ’s
Texas Collaborative Law Blog
Family Law and the Collaborative Process
Life After Divorce – Can Both Parents Go To Family Events?
A New Approach to an Old Mess
“Collaborative Divorce Knowledge Kit” Now Available
Fresno Family Law Attorney Says Collaborative Law Can Provide Smoother and More Affordable Divorce
Behind the scenes at divorce court with Judge Marjorie S. Steinberg

Texas Adoption Basics
International Adoption Basics

Children in the Middle

CALM- Collaborative Lawyers Arlington Mansfield
Children in the Middle
Collaborative Law Institute Texas-to find a collaborative professional in your area
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals
American Family Conciliation Courts
American Counseling Association
Texas Counseling Association

Collaborative Attorneys
Collaborative Attorneys of Arlington/Mansfield (C.A.L.M.)
P. Lindley Bain
Clint Brown
Melinda Eitzen
Peov Linda Hem
Lisa Marquis
Rachel H. Moore
Barrett Stern
Brandy Baxter Thompson
Jenny Womack


  • A New Cinderella Tale: For Children of Divorce

Author:  Randi Scalise Johnson, MFT

  • Two Happy Homes: A Working Guide for Parents and Stepparents After Divorce and Remarriage

Author:  Shirley Thomas, Ph.D.

  • Parents Are Forever

Author: Shirley Thomas, Ph.D.

  • Divorced But Still My Parents

Author:  Shirley Thomas, Ph.D.

  • Dinosaurs Divorce

Authors: Lauren & Mark Brown

  • Surviving Your Parents’ Divorce: The Bright Side

Author: Max Sindell

  • The Divorce Workbook for Children

Author:  Lisa M. Schab, LCSW

  • What Happens Next

Author: Department of Justice- Canada

  • It’s Not Your Fault Koko Bear

Author: Vicky Lansky

  • I Don’t Want to Talk About It

Author:  Kathryn Kunz Finney

  • My Family’s Changing

Author: Pat Thomas

  • Was It The Chocolate Pudding?

Author: Bryan Langdo

  • The Boys/Girls Book About Divorce

Author: Richard Gardner

  • Help! A Girl’s Guide to Divorce and Stepfamilies

American Girl Library: Author: Nancy Holyoke


  • Between Two Worlds

Author: Elizabeth Marquedt

  • Divorce Without Disaster

Author: Janet P. Brumley

  • Collaborative Divorce

Authors: Pauline H. Tesler, M. A., J. D. & Peggy Thompson, Ph.D.

  • The Truth About Children and Divorce

Author: Robert E. Emery, Ph.D.

  • Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Author: Edward Teyber

  • Helping Your kids Cope With Divorce the Sandcastles Way

Author: Gary Neuman

  • Healthy Divorce

Authors: Craig Volgy and Sandra Everett

  • How To Help Your Child Overcome Divorce

Authors: Elissa Benedek & Catherine Brown

  • Families Apart- 10 Keys to Successful Co-Parenting

Author: Melinda Blau

  • The Parents Book About Divorce

Author: Richard Gardner

  • My Kids Don’t Live With Me Anymore

Author: Doreen Virtue

  • Caught In The Middle (High Conflict Divorce)

Authors: Carla Garrity & Mitchell Baris

  • Mom’s House, Dad’s House

Author: Isolini Ricci, Ph.D.

  • Raising Happy Kids

Author: Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer

  • Strengthening Your Stepfamily

Author: Elizabeth Einstein, M. A., MFT, Linda Albert Ph.D.

  • Parenting After Divorce

Author: Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D.

  • Crazy Aunt Purl’s Drunk, Divorced & Covered in Cat Hair

Author: Laurie Perry

For Children

  • Did My First Mother Love Me?

Author: Kathryn Ann Miller

  • Adoption is for Always

Author: Linda Walvoord Girard

  • Why Was I Adopted?

Author: Carole Livingston